Would you like to volunteer at this year's Triathlon?
We'd love to have you! We need 60+ Volunteers to pull of this event!
Email our Volunteer Coordinator, Diane: rotarytriathlon@rotarysanmarcos.com
Welcome to the volunteer informational page!
Thank you for volunteering for the Spring Lake Triathlon! Without volunteers this even would not be possible!
Please see the information provided below prior to signing up.
Breakfast will be provided before the volunteer meeting. Water will also be provided, however it is always a good idea to bring some as well. Below is a short list of the items to consider and potentially bring on race day.
  1. Check the weather and dress appropriately
  2. A hat b/c you will be in the sun for several hours
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Extra water & snacks because it is possible you won't be stationed near a water or snack area
  5. Cell phone to report an race emergencies back to the Race Director or Volunteer Coordinator
  6. Great attitude and have fun!

Brief Description of Volunteer Areas & Duties
Course Set-Up (Friday Evening):
  1. Help set up & mark each leg of the race and transition areas
  1. You will be guiding athletes into proper parking areas as well as directing the athletes in the proper direction to the transition area
Athlete Check In & Bike Transition:
  1. You will be responsible for body marking the athletes
  2. Checking bikes in & out of transition, Numbers on the bikes must match the athlete
  3. Checking bikes & helmets for safety violations (these will be explained in further detail upon arrival)
  4. Making sure no one without proper body marking is allowed into the transition area
  5. Guiding athletes in and out of transition during the race
  1. You will help guide athletes in & out of the water
  2. Act as Security to make sure no one enters the water early, or from other areas besides the swim entrance
  3. Swim volunteers should bring clothes & shoes that can get wet; you may have to wade into the water to assist athletes in & out of the water.
***There will be qualified lifeguards on duty***
Swim Transition:
  1. Making sure no one without proper body marking is allowed into the transition area
  2. When a swimmer changes into running gear and heads out, you will pack their stuff up so it stays together
  3. You will help move all swimming gear to Travis Elementary/Race End to set it up for pick up
  4. Guiding athletes in and out of transition area during the race
  1. You will help guide the athletes out of the park & keep them going in the correct direction
  2. Volunteers will be placed at each turn on the race course
  3. You may need the help bikers who crash or fall during the event
  4. SMPD will direct traffic at the major intersections, as determined by SMPD
  1. You will help guide athletes in the right direction
  2. Man aide-stations where water and Gatorade will be handed out to runners as the pass
  3. Block traffic if necessary for athletes to cross
Post Race: Food/Finish Line/Breakdown
  1. Help set-up and hand out food/water to athletes following the race
  2. Help guide people to the finish & help yell out numbers of upcoming racers to MC if necessary
  3. Help clean-up & collect all equipment off of race course to return the course back to it's pre-race shape
Thanks for being a part of the Spring Lake Triathlon! We appreciate you!